Sunday, July 31, 2011


Hello All,

We are here with our 4th blogtrain.  The theme is all things summer called Summertime Blast. It's a vibrant color palette with bright and cheery summer colors. You're gonna love this one!

First, I wanted to share some news with you.  We have some new clipart from we are now Licensed Resellers at DigiSisters.  It's very in expensive clipat and they are really cute. I am going to show you a few of them here. We are getting them uploaded to the store but the process will take a little while.                     


Click the previews to go to the store to see even more clipart. Keep checking back because we will be uploading more day by day.  It's exciting for us. We eventually hope to add paper and element packs that match the clipart so you can have coordinating elements and papers to use with the clipart. It's all at an economical price of $1.00.  You can't beat that.

We have some great challenges planned for you in August! There are many more these are just a few! We hope you'll come join us in the forum! Come check us out Digisisters Forum.  We have the  DigiSisters Gallery for you to come share your beautiful layouts for us.

Please come join us in the fun! There are many prizes for all the challenges. You don't want to miss out on them do you?

Okay, so here it is!  I hope you came from the Choo Blog Train.  Here's the roll:

 logtrain Order - Summertime Blast July 2011
Start here:  CHOO CHOO Blog
YOU are HERE NOW ======>  Dina
Bren <=========== Now go here!

Here's my portion!




Click the preview to download the file!

Enjoy the rest of the train and please leave some love for the designers!

Remember while you're at the Choo Choo blog to join the yahoo group so you can get extra freebies, decide on the theme, palette and name of each blogtrain. No where else can you do this only at the Choo Choo Blogtrain from DigiSisters!



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New CT at DigiSisters, Forum and FREEBIES

Hello All,

Just want to say that things are going exceedingly well for our new store, DigiSisters, where Friends are Family!  We truly mean that and we hope that you will come join us in the forum for some fun. We have some excellent challenges going ono there right now until the end of the month and then many more to begin in August! New Challenges hopefully that you haven't seen before and then also some favorites you are familiar with! :)  Come join us at the DigiSisters Forum . 

We have several new CT at our store and we are up to "full staff" right now with 10 CTs. I can't wait to show off their work. Today I am sharing 2 layouts that Jeannie made with my Tropical Madness kit that was just released this month in the store!

It's a great kit and I think you'll like the elements in it! It makes great layouts! Really!  Here are two that Jeannie, Store CT at DigiSisters made from it.

Aren't they just lovely!  She does a fantastic job!

Don't forget about the blogtrain that launches on July 31, 2011.

So, come visit us at the store and forum....see links on my new header to get to there! Thank you to Lisa that helped me to MAP my header! I love it!

Here's your freebies:

Click the preview to download the freebie! Leave Jeannie some love!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another quick FREEBIE from Tropical Madness

Hello All,

I have another quick freebie for you from my Tropical Madness kit. I think you'll like this kit and the freebie!

Click to check it out in the store!
Don't forget to come check out the Forum at DigiSisters. Through the end of the month there is a special prize for joining the forum. You don't want to miss out on that do you?  I can't tell you it wouldn't be a surprise!

We have several challenges going on right now, QP Challenge, Bragbook Challenge, Photo Potluck Challenge, and the Sketch Challenge. We have many more planned like the Peek, Seek and Design montly challenge with an interactive treasure map and all. There are several others planned for the new month, August 2011.  You surely can't resist all of that can you! Come by soon. And to showcase all your hard work, we have the Gallery  Many exciting things going on. New kits are being added to the store everyday!  Come check things out at DigiSisters.

The blogtrain is coming up soon at the end of the month. This is an all out Summertime Blast theme!

Click the preview to go to the blogtrain blog where you can pick up that freebie and sign-up for the yahoo group and more freebies are there that are exclusive to that group. You'll want to join us there. We have a few new designers and there have been some to leave the blogtrain as well. But we'll keep trucking on down those tracks and there'll be plenty of goodies along the way!

So, without further delay, here is your freebie.

Right click and save to your computer.

Enjoy the cluster wordart! :)



Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Kit Release and a FREEBIE

Hello All,

Well, I hope you have been keeping up and have been to the STORE! The sale is through today for 50% off so HURRY on over there if you have not been, well, even if you have, this is a 50% off sale! These don't happen everyday you know! :)

I have a new kit released today, Tropical Madness. Now, some of you will recognize it as part of the Caboose, but I have added 12 more elements and 5 more papers to the kit, it's not the same old kit! It's on sale through today for $1.25. It's such a fun, bright and cheery kit!  You'll love it!

Don't you just love it? I know I do!

We have a forum now at DigiSisters, you can access it from the store home, . We are so excited and want it to be a place where our family of friends hang out and chat and share layouts and play in challenges together! We're so excited and are busy trying to think up some new and exciting challenges that you've never seen before! :)

We've got a bragbook challenge going on right now at the Forum.  You will get a coupon code to get this kit for $.50

You will make and post a 4 x 6 bragbook page to the forum.  At the end of the challenge, Kristal will send everyone who participated a link to the set of bragbook pages made in the challenge. You can have a Family Vacation Bragbook all ready for your pictures. How sweet is that?  So click the link or the preview above to get to the forum for the challenge! Can't wait to see you there!

Also, incase you haven't been there, we have a store blog as well!

This is a one place stop for all new releases in the store and other exciting information about the store!  You will definitely want to keep that one bookmarked! You never know when a freebie will pop up there!  So, you can get freebies on the designer and the CTs blogs, you can get freebies in the store, you can get freebies in the forum (soon). There are freebies just everywhere!  And if you like those you'll love the kits.

This freebie you can find by clicking it and going to the store to pick it up!

Click the preview to be taken to the store where you can download the freebie!

Remember today is the LAST CHANCE for the sale!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

DigiSisters: New CT Member Layout - Dandelions and Daisies by J...

DigiSisters: New CT Member Layout - Dandelions and Daisies by J...: "One of our new DigiSisters CT members just sent in her first layout using my kit Dandelions and Daisies - she did a phenomenal job on it! B..."

Friday, July 1, 2011

It's a Frenzy Friday....FREEBIE

You know as I typed that "It's a Frenzy Friday...." I had the tune to Manic Monday in my head but this week has not only been a Manic Monday, Terrible Tuesday, Wicked Wednesday and Throttled is a Frenzied Friday! My plate is just a little full.  I am teaching several, and let's just leave it at that, online classes this month, tutoring 12 hours a week, opening a digital scrapbooking store, helping my friends who are missionaries maintain their blog, trying to be a parent, friend, sister, daughter to others and still have a minute sense of ain't easy folks! Wow, I need a vacation!  But that will have to wait as well! LOL

Okay, enough of me and all that jazz....except to again share with you that TODAY is the DAY!!!  LOUD cheers and clapping please!

I am certain you can't be "as" excited as we are for this day, but I know, or hope you are excited, nonetheless.  Now, the store is not as full as we had hoped. Bren has a back injury and has been down and out and Michelle is having some extra issues right now. But rest assured, little by little, she'll get all her goodies into the store. But there's still plenty to look at and grab from and I am sure that there will be more added as the days go forward. I have several in the works and as soon as I can a minute to breathe I can add a few more to the store!

Not only will you get 50% off of every kit in the store, but there is a huge COLLAB kit that I just think you're going to love with over 144 elements and 71 papers.  It's a gorgeous color palette and it's yours FREE with a $5 purchase. Think of all you can buy for $5 with everything 1/2 off! :)

We've also loaded the store up with some freebies made from the collab kit so you get even more!  We hope you'll be sure to stop by the store!

Okay, now here's your FREEBIE you've been waiting for all this time!

Here's the rest of them for your convenience and so you get a preview of what is in store for you!