Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Passing on the Sunshine Award and a Challenge at CraftyScraps with my new kit!

Well here I go to pass on my award to some very special people:

Thanks all of you for bring sunshine to my life! :)

Now, I have a new kit going to be released in just a few days.  It's an Easter Kit!

You will be able to find it here:

Here's the preview for my kit:

If you would like a chance to win this kit for free, then go here:
to the CT Challenges thread.

If you complete the mini kit challenge you will get the chance to win the full kit.

Here's a preview for the Mini Kit. It is free for completing a layout.

Rules for the Challenge:

Rules for the Challenge:

  • Use all 10 items
  • for the papers that are not your background make at least 1 new element from each paper
  • You can resize objects/paper
  • You cannot recolor anything
  • Use All Items as they are (except the 2 papers)
Pretty simple rules.  Would love to see you join me on the Challenge.

If you haven't heard Michelle's newsletter is full of coupons and freebies you can't get anywhere else. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter here: 

There is a sale at the store until April 10, 2010 everything in the store is 50% off.

Hope to see you over there!~



Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WOW! My first blog award! :)

Hello All,

I got my first blog award. I am so thrilled! :) It comes from Katz Scrapz you can see her blog here:

Here is my blog award:

Once I find out what the parameters are for sharing it I will be back (after I grade my papers) to post. :)  Thinking, Thinking, who will I share with! :)

What a blessing and pleasant definitely was some sunshine in my day!



Sunday, March 28, 2010

Eggcitement Blogtrain leaves the station! Get your FREEBIE!

Hello All,

Here is my preview for the Eggcitement Blogtrain:

Here's the Blog Roll ... make sure your leave some love for all the hard work these designers have put into making these freebies for all of you.

Kept Memories
    <----  You are  here!



By: Kelly

Humbug Graphics Galore

Jabi's Scraps

Karen's Scraps and Graphics

Kez Creates



Badgirlz Stuff"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lucky Bear Kit Quickpage Freebie

Hello All,

Here is a quickpage from a new kit by Craftyscraps called Lucky Bear.  It can be found at or click on one of the blinkies to the right.

Here's a preview of the quickpage:

Here's the download link:  Click here!

Enjoy and be sure to leave some love! Check out Michelle has tons of freebies on her site from full kits to CU items. You won't be disappointed plus it's a great group of people over there! :)



Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another Ballgame a couple more layouts! This time using some gradients.

Hello All,

My son had another game last Thursay. It was beautiful weather. They played hard but didn't fair so well in the game. The game ended because they were losing by 10 points. I hate seeing the boys so disappointed. Here are two layouts of Kyle I did from the 2nd game! He's still my favorite athlete win or lose! :)

The lesson this week at Hummie's World was on Gradients. So, I used the gradients on the tag. Can you tell?

Paper and elements by Becky Swayzee, Kit is Called Baseball Dreams.

Papers and Elements by Terry Marauco and Holleyberry designs.

I used the gradients on the baseballs. It came out ok but not really how I wanted. I made a pattern from the baseball to repeat it. Wow that is so much easier than copying and pasting it a zillion times like I had been. There's tips to pick up in these videos all over the place.

Well, I leave you with one more thought. Read the quote on the following layout.  What are your thoughts about the quote? Feel free to share. I love hearing from my readers! I took the photos in my yard. This was another layout to experiment with gradients which I did on the background. It's a custom one at that.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Something new to scrap! BASEBALL!!! Batter UP!

Hello All,

I hope you are enjoying the freebies and thank you all that have left comments...very touching and makes all the hard work worth it! :)

Well, I wanted to post a couple of baseball layouts from my son's game yesterday. So here they are!

This was created with Hummie's Template #9

This was a template I got off of the Adobe Exchange..slightly modified.

He had a great first game! I am sure there will be many more of these to come! :)



Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Train is leaving the station AGAIN...blooming with pretty pastels! FREEBIE!

Hello All,

I really like this Kit for Blooming Pastels. I loved the colors.

I hope you like it too!

Here's the blog roll:

Best Kept Memories <---You're here!

Don't forget to leave some love.  Leave it here by merely checking thank you, or leave a shout in the chat box, post a comment, leave a comment on many ways to leave your thoughts.  Also, if you use the kit and send me a link or a copy of the layout I will add it to my blog and send you a coupon to my store for letting me use your layout on my do you like that?

Enjoy, I hope you see some blooming pastels in your area about now! We do!

Blessings for a great day!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Learning How to Make Textures and Patterns in PSE

Hello All,

Now I really had some fun tonight. When I was out taking pictures of the first Spring Flowers in my yard, I also took some pictures of what I thought would make good textures or patterns.  So, tonight I watched the tutorial at Hummie's World on how to make them.

Here's a couple I came up with and I am very pleased.

This is the pictuer that I started's an old decaying tree stump in our yard. Very cool pattern on it in and of itself.

Here's the seamless pattern I made from it.

Here is the paper I made from the pattern. This one has no texture added. I did add the lighter color blending mode. I really like how it turned out.

I decided to add some texture to it. I had also taken pictures of the brick on the side of my house. I made a brick texture. So, I added the brick texture to the above paper and got this look. So cool and I created it all from scratch by myself! :)

So, what do you think?

Now, I have to share a gorgeous flower picture with you.

The paper is from CraftySraps kit, If I Could. Template is Hummie's #6 at Hummies World.

Aren't they gorgeous?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Definitely getting challenged at Hummie's World

Hello All,

I finished my Course 1 at Humie's World. I am enjoying the tutorials and learning some new stuff.  Here's a layout I did with a picture of my Dad and me when I was little. Actualy, it was a family picture and I cut everyone else out to leave just my Dad and I, you would have never knows, ha! :)

Here's the original layout.

I was pleased with it enough. Then I watched the video about making good layouts using:

1. contrast

2. size

3. color

4. shape

5. texture

6. isolation

7. value

8. balance

So, here was my redo!

There were a few good comments, but let's just say, I think I got an "F"! :(

So, I redid it again. I haven't heard back but I think I am pleased with it. And, when it all comes down to it. That's what really matters.

What do you think? Leave me a comment and let me know which one you like best, and what about it you like the best! :)

By the way, I made this layout with items from my Irish Blogtrain Freebie. The fonts are sugar fonts, Down this Road, Katie Fun and Ellie's Doodles.  Love those fonts! :)

Have a Blessed Day!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blooming Pastels Blogtrain Preview Freebie Quickpage

Hello Everyone,

I hope it's beginning to feel a little like Spring where you are. We have had some nicer days and warmer weather is at least a vision of hope.  Today, I am giving you a quickpage which I just adore! It's a preview freebie for the blog train that will leave the station this Sunday, March 14, 2010.  I hope you'll be back to get it and ride the trains to the rest of the stops to get some great freebies.

Here's a layout I made and then made the quickpage from it. These are my great nieces.

They are defiintely adorable, loving and hard to resist! :)

Well, come on back on Sunday to get the mini kit freebie for the Blooming Pastels Blogtrain.



Sunday, March 7, 2010

Luck of the Irish to You! Blog Train Freebie~


It's time for the Blog train to roll on out again!

Here's the blog roll! Make sure to leave your thank yous!

Diry Art Designs

Best Kept Memories
<------ YOU ARE HERE!

My passion - my world

Designs By: Kelly

Crafty Scraps

Redbutterflys Kreativecke

Digi Scraps Dezines



Please leave a message in the comments, the shout box, or on 4shared if you download. I really do read the comments and would like feedback on the kits and items. If you make a layout, send me a link and I will post it on my blog. I will give you a coupon to my store for a discount for letting me post your layout! This is with any of my kits free or bought.

I hope you enjoy this kit! :) Being Irish, I had some Irish pride making this and the Irish Blessing has always been one of my favorites.  I put it in the program for my Dad's funeral and I can't wait to see him again some day. Here's my Dad and a layout using the papers and word art from the Luck of the Irish Kit!

Many Blessings,


My layout for the March CT Caboose


The month is just starting and so you have all month to get on over to Craftyscraps ( and complete the challenge. But, why wait, you will want this MegaKit so get on over there and complete the challenge with the mini.  This is what I made with the minikit. It's my son.

Here's my son, Kyle! Pretty handsome!

Later today you'll see my Luck of the Irish Blog Train Kit.  Get ready to ride that train and hop on over to those other blogs!!

Best wishes,


Friday, March 5, 2010

Trolley Rides in D.C.

Hello All,

Just a little something different today. I am doing these tutorials at Hummie's World (very reasonably priced) for PSE8.  Today's was on sliced photos.  I chose a picture of Kyle on the Trolley from our trip last summer to D.C.  I really like the effect and how it turned out.  I wanted to share it with you on here.  See what you think.  I also really like that it's clean and not a bunch of embellishments but just the photos and a title.

It was a great trip with some great memories!

Have a great day!



Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CT March Caboose at Crafty Scraps Free Mega Kit with Challenge

Hello All,

Here is a layout that I did with my portion of the CT March Caboose at  In the forum, you go to the CT section and you'll see the Caboose for February and March.  You can complete the March Challenge and you will get the mini kit to complete the challenge with now. When you do complete it and post it in the forum then you will get the Mega Kit free. See yesterday's post for previews.  Here's the layout. 

This is from our DC trip this summer at the FDR Memorial, cool place, we had a great time!

Hope you see you over in the forum at!!



Store is now OPEN!!! Quick Page Freebie

Hello All,

This should have went up yesterday but I guess I really didn't realize we are into March already! YEAH!!!

Well, the store officially opened today and you can find the following items in my store.

My With a Cherry On Top Kit.  It features one of a kind hand-drawn items you will not find anywhere else.
I love the red and the light blue together.  There is a bonus Quick page in the kit free with purchase of the kit.  Keep scrolling down and reading to get your freebie from this kit on today's really didn't think it was going to be that easy did you? :)

This is my Bullseye kit. I gave away a QP to it last week. I think you can find many uses for the this kit.
These cute Farm Friends are "mouse drawn" and one of a kind originals. They are my store opening freebie. You just have to go to the store.  and put them in your cart, they're free.  You'll find other freebies on there as well it is worth the visit.

A couple more previews before I give you your freebie bear with me, lots of news here for the beginning of March.  With any purchase (not a freebie) from the store, you can get the following Mega Kit made by Michelle and fellow designers for free. Retail is $5.00

Love the color palette and it's definitely Springy and you'll see some Easter type things in there as well. Free with a purchse in the store.

I hate to short sell this and I'll post more on it later.  Here is the preview for the March CT Caboose Mega Kit at the forum at Crafty Scraps   It's a new month and you can get this Mega Kit free by participating in the challenge using the mini kit and following the rules. It's great fun and it's a great bunch of people there. Come visit us.  You'll want this kit, trust me.

This is the Mini Kit that you get to create something from to get the Mega Kit:

Here is the preview for the Mega Kit! My portion has some more one of a kind hand-drawn items you can't get anywhere else! :)

 Okay, that is quite enough announcements! :)  Here without further delay, is your Freebie Quick page.


This freebie will be available for 1 week.  You may purchase it and 2 other quick pages in one bundle at the store now, or after this link is expired.

Thanks for being patient, I hope you think it was worth your wait.  Please leave a comment about the items you are receiving. I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Do you like them, what would you like to see differently?  I really read all the feedback.

Don't forget the Luck of the Irish Blog Train that departs on March 7, 2010.  The Blooming Pastels Blog Train is right behind it on March 14, 2010. Keep posted for a freebie from the Blooming Pastels blog tain. Much to look forward to! :)  Keep coming back!