Thursday, March 11, 2010

Definitely getting challenged at Hummie's World

Hello All,

I finished my Course 1 at Humie's World. I am enjoying the tutorials and learning some new stuff.  Here's a layout I did with a picture of my Dad and me when I was little. Actualy, it was a family picture and I cut everyone else out to leave just my Dad and I, you would have never knows, ha! :)

Here's the original layout.

I was pleased with it enough. Then I watched the video about making good layouts using:

1. contrast

2. size

3. color

4. shape

5. texture

6. isolation

7. value

8. balance

So, here was my redo!

There were a few good comments, but let's just say, I think I got an "F"! :(

So, I redid it again. I haven't heard back but I think I am pleased with it. And, when it all comes down to it. That's what really matters.

What do you think? Leave me a comment and let me know which one you like best, and what about it you like the best! :)

By the way, I made this layout with items from my Irish Blogtrain Freebie. The fonts are sugar fonts, Down this Road, Katie Fun and Ellie's Doodles.  Love those fonts! :)

Have a Blessed Day!



Betty @ Primitive Cookie Hugs said...

I like the bottom one best.

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