Saturday, October 30, 2010

All Halloween Kits are $1 on Halloween

Hey all you don't want to miss out on all Halloween Kits for $1 at the CraftyScraps Store.  For one day only you can get any Halloween kit at CraftyScraps for $1.

Here are some of the kits you'll find there at the store! Don't miss out on this sale!  There is  new Mega Kit for a $3 purchase! This would be a great way to get the Mega Kit and some kits on sale at the same time! :)

Doesn't it just look great!? :)  A thanksgiving MEGA kit with a great Fall color palette yours for a $3 purchase! Now isn't that a great deal? :)

Hurry on over to the store you don't want to miss this one! :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Vintage Touch and QP Freebie

Hello All,

I have a new kit to showcase to you today. I think you'll like it!

It's called The Vintage Touch.  Here's a preview of the kit:

It started with our Hide, Find and Design challenge so you'll recoginize a few pieces but I loved the theme and color palette so much I had to keep going and I came up with 14 beautiful victorian like papers and over 25 elements.

I have a few layouts for you to see to give you some inspiration and to let you see how great this kit is!

First, I have a layout from Valerie that hangs out at the CraftyScraps forum with the gang. She made this layout and sent it to me. I'll be sending Valerie a surprise...just like anyone if you send me a layout with one of my kits! :) (HINT HINT).

It's very lovely! I like what she did with the elements.  Don't you just love it?

Then I have a layout from my lovely CT, Kristal.  She did a great job as usual!

Just gorgeous as well.  Look at what you can do with this kit!!

And now for your freebie!


Don't you just love it! I hope you will leave some love for Kristal and Valerie! They are both just great!!!
The kit is on sale for 1 week for 50% off so don't miss out. It goes off sale on Wednesday. I posted it last week and told you it would be on sale for one week!  Hurry to the store.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I received this blog award or friendship award whatever you want to call it from Mary my friend at MH Mixes. I wanted to pass it along to my friends and co-CTs and Michelle at Crafty Scraps. We're a great team! :)  And well, yeah, they are a little cracked ... hahaha they hang out with me don't they? :) LOL

Here's the link if you want to add it to your blog

Thanks Mary!

Monday, October 18, 2010

New Kit and 2 FREE Quick Pages

Hello All,

I haven't had the opportunity to showcase my new kit Thanksgiving and Blessings to you. I just love the colors and textures of this kit as well as the theme. Of course, Fall is my Favorite time of the year so just about anything to do with the season I adore. I hope you will adore this kit as well.

Here's the folder preview for a look at what's in there:

Here are two layouts that my lovely CT, Kristal did for my kit of her beautiful family.

Now aren't those beautiful.  Her family is so lovely. I just love seeing my kits used for her layouts!

Now here is a layout of my son! I am so thankful for my son. He is quite a gift to me. Not that things are always perfect as neither am for sure. But I must express my gratitude for the gift of my son often. Life certainly would not be the same without him.

I have made this into a Quick Page.  I am sure you have something or someone you would like to show gratitude for today.  Use this quick page and put those special pictures in there. It will make a lovely layout.

But I have a surprise because there is another quickpage in the download for you.  These will only be available for 1 week as a freebie on my blog and then they will be put in the store in a pack of 5 to purchase! ? So, download them now! I just think you'll really love this kit.  Don't forget to go to the store and check out this kit and all my other stuff. :) Click the heart to download the quickpages! Don't forget to leave some love! :)

Well, since I can't get the download to work with the download button try this:

======>>>>>  Use this CLICK HERE FOR QPs

Sorry for any inconvenience to anyone! :)

I also have another new kit. It's called Vintage Touch.  I am just as we are speaking loading it into the store. It is 1/2 price for the first week making it only cost $1.25 can you believe that?

Here's the preview of the kit:

I will work on a freebie from the kit for you by next week but I wanted to let you know about it being on sale for 1 week. I did this because I have been under the weather and didn't get it uploaded into there store while we had our 50% off sale this past weekend. So, here you go, it's 50% off for 1 week!  I love the muted purple shades in this kit of course. It's a great "girly" kit.

If you get the kit and send me a layout, just like with any other kit, I will post it on my blog and send you a treat for being so sweet! :)

Have a great week all!



Friday, October 15, 2010

HFD Challenge and Freebie

Hello All,

Sorry I've been gone for awhile. I 've got bronchitis or some croup coughing my fool head off. Still not feeling great but a little better. I have 2 new kits I need to get up here for you but I'll have to hope Saturday is a better day and I will be able to get you a new freebie and post the kits for you to see.

Today, I wanted to tell you about a SALE!!! It started today.....sorry for the late notice and it goes through Sunday.  It's a 50% off everything in the store.

Come by the store and check out all the great new kits and stuff.

Michelle has this adorable cute new kit in the store!

I have these two kits. One is in the store and I just love this kit! :) I love fall so I just love this kit.

I love it!

An adorable Halloween kit!

This kit I hope to have in the store by Sunday if not sooner! I'll give you a little preview here!'
It's got a few of the items from the HFD you'll get if you participate in the HFD Challenge and I have added more. It's got 14 papers and over 25 elements in it. It turned out really nice I think you'll like it.

Now for the Hide Find and Design (HFD) Challenge!

For those of who have done this before, your next stop is HERE....(Ronda's Blog)
Now if you are new to this, don't worry, it is very easy....
You start off at Michelle's blog, then go to the next (above link HERE) and her blog will take you to the next one, and so on...the last gal's blog will send you to Crafty Scrap's forum which is HERE....
You will then get a simple set of rules from me telling you what to do with all the pieces you collected...You then, post your layout in that thread in the forum and whoo-hoo! You will receive a huge kit for FREE....208 items in this month's HFD....How awesome is that!? So start collecting all the pieces and join in the fun!!!!!!


Can't wait to see what your layouts! :)

See you again soon!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

BOO to You and a FREEBIE Quickpage

Hello All,

I have a new Halloween Kit, "BOO" in the store if you haven't seen it you are in for a treat. Bright Halloween hues with cute graphics combine to give you the best of everything for this Halloween menagerie of elements and papers.

It's sure to please you for your pictures of your little goblins, ghosts and ghouls. It's not a spooky kit so it works for everyone!

Here are couple pages made by my CT, Kristal.

Aren't they cute? Kristal has made this last page into a Quickpage for you to download here today. Aren't you so lucky! :)

Thanks for taking a look and make sure to visit the store,


Have a great weekend!