Saturday, April 30, 2011

Crafty Scraps Store Closed == Temporary

Hello All,

I wanted to let you know that the Crafty Scraps store has closed. But, Michelle and I are working on something to get it back up and going. It's not forever. Right now if you are looking for Michelle's kits most of them are also at Unfortuantely, mine are not available in another store yet.

If you have a need, email, we can work something out! :)

Don't lose hope on us now, we will be back in some way. We have several options and we are going to get something going soon.



Saturday, April 23, 2011

Official Launch of the CS CHOO CHOO Blogtrain! FREEBIE

Hello All,

It's here! It's April 23, 2011. It's time for the official blog train launch for the Crafty Scraps Choo Choo Blog Train.

Boy are you in for a real treat!

If you are here, I hope you started at the Crafty Scraps Blog Train picked up the Quickpages there and then went on to Michelle's blog and picked up her portion.  Now, here you are at my blog!

Here's my portion of the blogtrain for you today:

It's so bright and cheery. I hope you enjoy it!

Now here's the blog roll and where you need to go next is Bren's blog. Now head on over there!

Blogtrain Blog Roll

Crafty Scraps Choo Choo Blog


Dina   <==========   YOU ARE HERE

Go Here Now ==========> Bren







Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Kits, Special Deal, Quickpage Freebies

Hello All,

Easter Celebrations will be happening this weekend. I wanted to show you the two Easter Kits I have in the store. One is a new one called Easter Colors.

Here are some layouts for Inspiration from my CTs.

By Lisa

By Lisa

By Bren

 By Kristal

Lovely layouts that show you just how versatile the kit really is. Imagine the possibiities!

Don't they do great work!?  That's why they are my CTs. I am very blessed to have them create for me!  Leave them some love and better yet, visit their blogs. They offer some freebies as well.  Links to their blogs are on the right side bar of my blog, look for their Keys!

The next kit is an old kit that I have refreshed. I put it out last year, it's called Easter Blessings.

From Kristal

From Bren

From Lisa

From Lisa

Aren't these just lovely.  So much you can do with the kits! These should defiitely give you some inspiration!

Now for the Special DEAL!

Click the preview to get to the store!
But make sure to come back
for the freebie and the rest of the news!

It's loading up into the store right now with the coupon code in the download with the Easter Color Kits. This offer is good until May 31, 2011.  Hope you'll take advantage of the sale. You get both kits for $2.50. Now isn't that a nice Easter Surprise? :)

Now for the long awaited FREEBIE! I have 2 lovely Quickpages for you. One from the Easter Colors Kit and one from the Easter Blessings kit.  Just perfect to give you a flair for each kit.  Thanks to Bren and Lisa for making these lovely pages!

Click the preview for the download!

Don't forget about the special
BlogTrain launch this weekend!

Click the preview to visit the blog. There are several freebies on there. If you join the yahoo group not only do you get more freebies, but you get input into the blogtrains. Right now we are deciding the theme and color palette for the May Blog train. Don't you want to join us?  Click the preview to check it all out!

Well, it's a rather long post but with lots of great information, deals and freebies in store for you!

Enjoy and thanks for reading!


Friday, April 15, 2011

Hide, Find and Design Challenge and FREEBIE

It's that time again for another Hide, Find, and Design!
I hope if you are coming here to get this freebie you'll read this and find out what it is all about.

Basically, you start here ====> Michelle's Blog. We have been HIDING our goodies. Then you follow the links to each of the participating CT's blogs to FIND the required goodies in a download. When you get all the pieces, you go and DESIGN your layout. Then go and post it at the FORUM.  When you do you will get this huge mega kit. Just look at this beautiful mega kit we put together. Over 85 elements and 35 papers! WOW...just one layout and we are dying to give it away. So make sure you do the step of making your layout and posting it the FORUM.

Now don't you just think this is just delightful! :)


To get your Hidden piece for your layout click here:

It is not in a folder so when it is fully loaded, just right click and save to your computer!

Now you need to go to Edina's blog (CLICK the HFD label) to get your next piece!

Don't forget about this sale ends today!

And you don't want to forget about the launch of the new BLOGTRAIN!

Click the preview for some PreTrain Freebies. If you join the yahoo group there are some exclusive freebies on the yahoo group! You don't want to miss out!


Monday, April 11, 2011

New kits and some FREEBIES

Hello All,

I have put 3 new kits in the store!  One is a set of Quickpages that Lisa made. They are just gorgeous. You have seen most of them in the layouts I posted but a couple you haven't. They are very nice and you would adorn any pictures in style if you use these quickpages. They would definitely add the WOW factor to any photos you used and they 're so easy. Just insert the picture and you are done!

The next item you will want to look for in the store is Desert Sky. This is not a new kit but it's a lovely kit. Lisa liked it so much she made a Mini Kit.  So, if you purchase the full kit for $2.50 you get the Mini Kit free. How's that?

You are in luck because QuickPages are 50% off in the store right now!

Hurry in there today!
 Click the ad to go there now but make sure you come back here!

 This is for a limited time offer and then the mini kit will go on sell separately. So, don't miss out on this great offer. Here's a couple layouts by Lisa with the Kit and the Add-On used together.

Aren't they sweet? I'll have more to show you soon, I am sure!

I have two more new kits in the store. Easter Colors and Joy, Hope, Renew are both in the store now.  They both have that Spring/Easter flair to them with bright and cheery colors.  You will do great by purchasing these kits.

By Bren

By Lisa

By Kristal

No layouts for this kit yet, but they are coming soon!

Hopefully you are signed up for my newsletter. I just sent it out. In there was a wonderful FREEBIE from Lisa.

She is so creative! Don't worry if you missed them in the newsletter. They will be for sale in the store in a week or two!

Something else you will want to be sure to check out is the blog train. Crafty Scraps designers and CTs are starting a blog train. What's different is by joining the yahoo group, you get input into the palettes and themes of the blogtrain.  Where else can you get that?

Mark your calendars and then head over to the CHOO CHOO Blog to sign up for the yahoo group. (Psssst...I forgot to mention there's a freebie on the blog and even more in the yahoo join today). Click the Ad to go to the Blog train Blog.

Well, that is a lot of news!  Now let's see what I can give you as a freebie for your dedication and loyalty!

I have two lovely cluster frames made by my CT, Kristal for you. I think you'll really like them.

Click the preview to download!

Hope this is a great week!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hope for Brady Blogtrain Freebie

Hope For Brady Kit and BIG Bundle in store NOW!!!!

"Hope For Brady" originally started an autism awareness kit project that Michelle, of 4 My Babies Scraps was going to do to EARN the money that would help purchase equipment to help her nearly 4 year old, autistic, non verbal, son, Brady, learn to communicate. With this equipment HOPEFULLY, someday he WILL learn to speak. When she mentioned her idea to a couple of her design friends, and told them what she was planning to do for her son Brady, everyone wanted to help! Her friends told their friends, and their friends told their friends, and suddenly Project "Hope For Brady" was born!

Below is a Blog Train list of all the designers who's generous digital donations have gone into making up this HUGE multi designer collaboration. We have put together this huge kit for you, and a BIG Bundle with the kit, and all sorts of extra goodies, such as QPs, BB's, printable flash cards, and cluster frames! Now we just need your help in making project "Hope For Brady" a HUGE success! Click HERE  to purchase either the kit, or the BIG Bundle!!

FYI to non digi scrappers...there are also tutorials included in the kit, and the BIG Bundle to help you LEARN to digi scrap! So what could be a more perfect time to start digi scrappin', and help a good cause in the process?!?

With your help this special project WILL be a success, and after helping Brady we plan on helping even more children, starting with Katie's (of Just So Scrappy) nephew Kyle who is also affected by autism. Once we have helped the kids in our families, then all future proceeds for "Hope For Brady" will be donated Autism Speaks where it can help even MORE kids in need!

Here is my part of the blog train, a mini add-on to go with the Mini kit that is part of the collab. I hope you enjoy it!

CLICK the Preview to Download!
Make sure you stop at all the stops for some amazing goodies....