Sunday, November 28, 2010


Hello All,

I have been busy, busy, busy this little break here. I have another new kit called Winter Pals! :) I just love the colors of this kit and I think you will too! Here's the preview!

Don't you just love that red and those icy blues? I do...I just do! :)  I drew the snowman and woman, I know that's not really that challenging. I also made the ginger in the mitten. :)

Before I show the layouts that the lovely CTs made, notice I said, CTs.  Yes, Bren from Brenian Designs has joined us and I had some help from a friend, Zaida, who is a fellow CT at Crafty Scraps, and her scrap/design name is Zabra Scraps. 

So, you will be getting even more inspiration. I was working poor Kristal to death. Well, I still am, but at least she is not alone in her misery, hahaha Just kidding!  The things we do in the digital scrapbook world, eh? :)  Gotta love it if you are addicted like we are!

Okay without further are the lovely layouts from my lovely CTs and friend.


Aren't they so cute! WOW! I just love these colors! Take a look at those! :)
Now, we have our next round:


Adorable and just such a cutie!

And last, but defintely, NEVER LEAST, my friend,


Just gorgeous! Look at the blended page and all the pics! :)

Lovely, Lovely, Lovely! Every one of them!  Now if you are not inspired to go buy this kit now, there is something wrong with your vision!  It's only $2.50 at the CraftyScraps Store.

Hurry on over there now!  This freebie will still be here when you get back!

Bren, has made this lovely QP for you for a FREEBIE with the introduction of this kit! Wasn't that so sweet of her?  Make sure you leave some love!

The QP is made out of this layout!  Download by clicking on the heart below the pic.


Have a great week!



Saturday, November 27, 2010

Are you up for a Challenge???

Hello All,

If you like challenges, getting some scrapbooking done in a fun and friendly atmosphere than CraftyScraps is the place for you.  Check out all the challenges we have going on at CraftyScraps.  Can you believe we do these EVERY Month???  Come check them out. We have a great time and everyone is so enouraging. You'll feel right at home. So come on over to

You'll be glad you did!

Come on over to!

Friday, November 26, 2010

New Template set in CraftyScraps Store and FREEBIE

Hello All,

There is a freebie but please take the time to look at all the other stuff. It's important, to me, and I have worked hard as well as my CT, it only takes a few minutes. Don't forget to sign up for the newsletter, see it to the left there! One is coming out soon!

I tried my hand with making templates for you to use as a guide to making some beautiful layouts! They turned out even better than I could imagine. I hope you like them. They are only $2.50 for the set in the CraftyScraps Store.  You get .psd files all ready for you to clip your papers to the backgrounds and paper scraps and place your elements. There are grey scale images for each piece. Also, for those who are not Photoshop or Photoshop Elements Users there are folders of the png files in order for each template for use in other software programs. Each template has it's own preview in grey scale to show what it was intended to look like. My CT has helped me create these beautiful layouts to show you what can be done!  Remember, these are just a start and you can use them in anyway your little heart desires.

Template #1 I made out of a CraftyScraps Kit called Stonewashed. It's a fantastic Kit!  Here's the preview and the layout follows that I made with Template # 1.

Template # 2 Layout was made by Kristal, my CT (she made the rest of these) from my newest kit, Beary Merry Memories.

Template # 3 is from my Kit, Bella!

She used the template to create a 2 page spread using the 3rd template!

Adorable! Isn't she? :)

Now this one is from the Apple Blossoms Kit for Template # 4

Way too cute! :) I love it!

Okay and this one might be my favorite! Of all the themes for this kit, SNOW was not one I thought of but this is just beautiful! :) She made it from the Backyard Friends Elements and papers.

Adorable! Who would have thought of it for snow! :) Way to think outside the box Kristal! :)  Gorgeous.

I asked her to pretty much go by the templates for these layouts but just imagine the possibilities with these?!  If you do purchase them, I would love to see what you do with them. So contact me through the blog and I will give you a nice surprise if you let me share them on my blog! :)

So, here's a freebie and a sort of sneak peek at a new kit I have coming out very soon! It's called Winter Pals!

 Again, you can just right click and save this to your computer! :) Enjoy! Love it!
Thanks for leaving some love and letting me know you've stopped by! :)  Boy, I've been busy recently!
Oh, a newsletter is set to go out soon! Hopefully this weekend! :)  So, if you have not signed up for my newsletter the sign up is in the top left hand corner of my blog. There is always an exclusive freebie or a coupon in there for my readers that you can't get elsewhere! So, be sure to sign up! :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Prayer

Just wanted to come here and post this today!

I am not with my family this Holiday. My Mom sent me this and said she was going to read this at their dinner. I was blessed by it and wanted to share it with you!  I put it together with my Thanksgiving and Blessings Kit.  I hope you will read it and be grateful today for those things that really do count and matter.  Not the material things that come and go but the people that are placed in our lives either by family or by some other way. They are there for a reason. Sometimes we divide over the silliest things or sometimes they are over siginificant things because we hurt each other, with our words and actions. Is there anyone you need forgiveness from or that you could give forgiveness to? Life is all too short, as I know having those I love taken from me before I was ready. I would give anything for another day or even another moment with them, just to make sure they know I love them. So, those who are here with us.....make sure they know now, you are thankful for them and that you love. Unfortunately, tomorrow may not come and we will have missed the opportunity. Well, here is wishing you many blessings and thanksgiving on this day of gratitude!



Happy Thanksgiving and one last freebie

Hello All,

Happy Thanksgiving!  Yeah, I know this was supposed to go up yesterday. I spent the day trying to get my kit in the store which I did! Yeah! Beary Merry Memories is now in the store!  Check out the preview!

It's such a great kit, and it's only $2.50 for 11 papers and 50 elements!  You need to get to the store.

Here's some layouts by my CT, Kristal. She always does an amazing job and they give you some inspiration and ideas on how versatile the kit can be!

Aren't they adorable?  Such a lovely family she has! I enjoy seeing her layouts!

Well, here's the freebie. It's a wordart I made to compliment the pages of the Beary Merry Memories Kit.

All you have to do is right click on it and save target as ... and put it where you want it on your computer! How easy is that? I hope you enjoy it. Starting with Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays! :)



Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Card Template Sampler Freebie

Hello All,

I didn't forget this time! I have your new freebie for this 2nd to last day before Thanksgiving FREEBIES! :) I do have to "vent" just a little, well, first, let me say thank you to those who have left some "love" on the 4shared site.  Is it really too much to even just check the thank you below the post? There are like 200 downloads on these QPs I have given away this week and not one person has stopped to say thank you. If I didn't enjoy doing this so much that might be a reason to stop giving them away! Don't worry I won't but does it HURT to say thank you? It really doesn't! Come on this was all about something to be thankful about! Aren't you thankful for your freebies? :(

I have something new for you. I thought I would try my hand at making a Christmas Card Template set. So, I have made one and thought I would give it here as a sample.

The template is really simple so you can use your creativity to make it into what you want. It can also be used a bragbook template for 4 x 6 pictures! :)

The kit I made this from is my new kit Beary Merry Memories! Here's a sneak peek at the kit preview! I just LOVE this! :)

Now, is that just adorable or what! I have to finish a few things up on it! So, I will post it along with the lovely layouts, my CT, Kristal made and let you know as soon as it is in the store! :)

Here's what I made:

This is my nephew's beautiful family! It was Tavion's first Christmas! Aren't they a handsome family?


NO MORE WORK THIS WEEK! Now that is something AMAZING to be Thankful for! All of us teachers could certainly use a break! AMEN!

Blessings all,


Monday, November 22, 2010

Thankful for this UPCOMING Holiday and FREEBIE

Hello All,

Boy am I thankful that I only have to work at my "full-time" job 2 days this week. Of course, there is the little boy I am teaching on homebound. He is so sweet, I really don't mind going and helping him learn while he is home sick. I hope his doctor's appointment goes well this week and he can go back to school.  Then, I have the 5 online classes I am teaching right now. A new one starts tomorrow (well today).  I am definitely looking forward to this 5 day break. I hope to get some stuff down around the house as well.

Well, my mind is too cluttered like the rest of everything else, I guess. I thought of posting this during the day Sunday but I was just busy. There it is...sorry I was busy! So, now before I go to bed here for my 3 hours of sleep I am posting my QP freebie for all of you.  This is the last page of the 5 page set.  I am taking these down after Thanksgiving and they will be put in the store if you missed them. I really like these I think they turned out great! :)

I hope you get all of them one day there is the heart and the leaf. Each button has a different Quickpage. So, if you didn't get all five go back and look since last week's posts.


I really hope you are enjoying these freebies and remember what you are thankful for!  There is something to be thankful for even if it's five minutes of peace! Sometimes those are hard to come just remember to count those blessings!

Have a great week!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Here's the next Quick Page Freebie

Hello All,

Okay well, I have good intentions! Here's Saturday's Quickpage freebie...even though it is now Sunday.

I went for a sleep study Friday night.  I had to take a sleeping pill. I slept from about 11:30 ish to 4:00 a.m. when I got a huge leg cramp, par for the course of my nightly sleep or lack thereof. Then, they woke me up at 5:30 a.m. on a Saturday are they crazy? Where was the sleep part of the sleep study? HMMM me thinks there was not much! :) Well, I have not been well rested all day. Falling asleep at the computer. I just should have stayed in my bed and done my own SLEEP study...the kind where you actually get to sleep.

I do have one exciting announcement before we get to your freebie! Remember the Friday Frenzy Hop?? Well, if you weren't around then, my fellow CTs and Michelle, the owner of Crafty Scraps and I would all make a QP from a kit in the store at and give it away on each Friday. We did that for about 4 months. I loved it but the vote was to discontinue it. Well, I have convinced them to bring it back. We are not going to do it every Friday but once a month and commemorate those special days of the month. So, we will have a holiday one on December 17, 2010. I am so excited!!! I can't wait! Make sure you have your blog hopping shoes on...there will be 10 pages to get! :) Wow, huh?

So, know that I am full of a kind heart with best intentions. But, here it is although it is late! AGAIN! :( Don't give up on me...I will follow through! :)

Remember those moments of Gratitude! :)

Which one will it be today? :)


The leaf is clickable! :)  Enjoy! There will be something else later today...on Sunday for real! :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Apology and FREEBIES!!!!

Hello All,

Well, at least if I have to apologize I have a gift to go along with it! :) LOL

I fell asleep last night, yes, at my computer! So, when I woke up, I just got into bed and I forgot to post my next QP for you! Please forgive and now today on this special FRIDAY you get 2 QPs. If I do say so myself they are quite lovely! :)

Here's a preview of all of them. Which ones they are will just me your surprise when you open it! :) Don't you like surprises?

Remember, the pages are made from this MEGA kit that you can receive FREE for completing a challenge at the CRAFTYSCRAPS Forum.  FREE for making little layout! You've got to be acorns not want to do that! We have so much fun there and it is such a great group of ladies from all walks of life. We are an international group and everyone is just lovely! :)  Please come check us out. Get the mini and make a layout and post it so you can get this beautiful Fall MEGA KIT for FREE!

So, here are the downloads! :)



Each button gives you a different QP! Keep watching there are 2 more QPs that's Saturday and Sunday and I will be coming up with something more for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!!!  It's time to be THANKFUL if just for the quickpages but I know you can find something else to be thankful for! I am thankful it's FRIDAY! AMEN? :)

Have a great Friday all! :)