Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Prayer

Just wanted to come here and post this today!

I am not with my family this Holiday. My Mom sent me this and said she was going to read this at their dinner. I was blessed by it and wanted to share it with you!  I put it together with my Thanksgiving and Blessings Kit.  I hope you will read it and be grateful today for those things that really do count and matter.  Not the material things that come and go but the people that are placed in our lives either by family or by some other way. They are there for a reason. Sometimes we divide over the silliest things or sometimes they are over siginificant things because we hurt each other, with our words and actions. Is there anyone you need forgiveness from or that you could give forgiveness to? Life is all too short, as I know having those I love taken from me before I was ready. I would give anything for another day or even another moment with them, just to make sure they know I love them. So, those who are here with us.....make sure they know now, you are thankful for them and that you love. Unfortunately, tomorrow may not come and we will have missed the opportunity. Well, here is wishing you many blessings and thanksgiving on this day of gratitude!




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