Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Release at Little Red Scraps Freebie QP

Hello All,

I am guest CTing for Jane at  see her blinkie under My Favorites. She has released a new kit called Snips N Snails.  It's all boy! It's really darling.

Here's a Quick Page you can have for replying to this post.  Come on folks, you just have to leave a comment..."thank you", "that's cute", "WoW!" Is it really that hard to do? haha

Anyway here it is:

It's adorable...if I do say so myself!

Here's a preview of the whole kit again:

Nice stuff everyone!  A kit you'll definitely want if you have boys! :)



P.S. Only 2 more days until the Caboose is stationed at   Don't miss out you will be sorry if you do!  There is definitely something for everyone.  I've already started creating for March. I also started a new kit of my own. It's exciting. Can't wait to show it off! :)

Friday, January 29, 2010


Okay, here is your sneak peak to the CABOOSE coming up at

This is made with a very select few items but you'll get a flavor for some of the things in there!

It's so exciting, I can hardly contain myself!  Are you ready?

Aren't those colors gorgeous? :)

If you like this and would like the quickpage, then leave a comment below on my blog along with your email so I can send it to you!

I can't wait to see all the layouts you create to get this MEGA Kit.  We are all so excited that no one has stopped creating things yet!

While I am at it. I am going to give you a preview to March just to keep you on the edge of your seats!

Here's the beautiful swatch of colors for March! Now isn't that something to look forward to for March?
Exciting things happening at so you will want to come by often! ;)



Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm getting excited! 3 more days!

February 1st  at

You definitely don't want to miss this!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Guest CT at Little Red Scraps

Hello All,

I am going to be a guest CT for Jane at Little Red Scraps this week for the release of  her new kit Snips and Snails ... it's "all boy"

Here's a preview of her kit!  Look for some Quick Pages and definitely check out Jane's blog. A link is to the left under my favorites. This out to be fun and we have plenty of boys in the family! :)

Keep checking back!

Don't forget about February 1, 2010 for the CT Caboose at   It will be one huge Mega Kit! :)

The first  one is February 1, 2009 and we will be having one the 1st of every month!  Take lots of Valentine's Day pictures for all this cute stuff you'll be getting!



Let's catch that CABOOSE!

This CT Caboose will be hanging out at the 1st of every month starting with February!  I will be hosting a challenge with a free mini kit made from a few items in the Mega Kit.  If you participate in the challenge then you can get the Mega Kit free! How sweet is that???  Look two posts down to see the color swatch for the first CraftyScraps CT Caboose!  There's some really nice stuff already created.  I can't wait to show you a preview! :)



A layout with my first digital kit! -- Quick Page FREEBIE

Hello All,

Here's a kit using the Everything is Purple kit that I posted about a week ago.  Michelle, owner of CraftyScraps, responded to my challenge there and made a layout and a QP.  She received some wordart for making the layout and of course she got the kit for completing the challenge as well. I hope if you went and downloaded it you will be courteous and post a lay out. I really want to see that my stuff is useful! It's so neat to see it used to create a page not by me!

Here it's beautiful and you get to see Michelle's beautiful smile!

If you leave me a comment on this post, I will send you the QP as a freebie, complements of Michelle McCoy, owner and designer at  Check out her space! :)



Monday, January 25, 2010

Mark your Calendar for February 1st!


We are starting something new at CraftyScraps.  Each month the CTs with Michelle are going to create a collaboration kit around a color palette/theme and we are going to post a mini-kit with a challenge. If you participate in the challenge you will receive the entire collaboration kit FREE for personal use! Now, how exciting is that!?

I guess I'll give you a preview of the swatch! :)  It's really gorgeous!

Are those not just gorgeous?  Now, that ought to make you want to mark that calendar!  I'll be posting a preview sometime this week! :)

The challenge will be posted by a different CT each month. I am hosting the first one!



Sunday, January 24, 2010

Recent Challenge

I thought I'd post my most recent challenge.  The theme was somewhere we have dreamed of going. We had to use the mini kit by Kakleidesigns  which is no hardship, she does beautiful work! :)
This was at coolscrapsdigital.

Who knows maybe one day! ;)



Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another first creation!!!! FREEBIE

I made a photo mask in PSE 8 today. I am very pleased with how it turned out. I'll post the png for you to see and a photo with the effect so you see how it turns out.  This stuff is really fun. Hey, will someone give me a job doing this all day? Because right about now it's the only thing I want to do! That is bad for my health! :)

In case you are not familiar with a mask/overly, the black area is where your pictuere would show through and the white area is where you picture would be cut out.  See in the picture above this.  It is not for every picture but again for the first one, I am very pleased! :)

If you want it, it is a png file. You layer your photo above it and then group it and the photo will merge with it.



I made a brush!! FREEBIE

Hello All,

Now this is exciting news! I have now created my first digital kit that others can use over and over if they wish and posted it on a challenge yesterday.  Now, today, after completing a tutorial from I have created my first brush in PSE.  It's so cool! ;)  Brushes in there for those not familiar with PSE are like rubber stamps of sort.  This one I created is a victorian journaling stamp.

Here's what it looks like.  Leave me a comment with your email if you would like it. If you don't have PS or PSE and want to use it I can send it to you in png format and you should get basically the same effect.  Again, this is not perfection, I am only learning but I think you could get some use out of it.  I made  sample layout using papers and elements by Michelle McCoy from the blog train Angels Among Us! :) Great stuff Michelle.  Her site is to the left panel, crafty scraps and you can follow the blog train there to get a lot of cool stuff.

Today is my friend, Sharon's birthday! Happy Birthday, Sharon!  Oh, and my niece's birthday. Happy Birthday Tanika! ;)



Thursday, January 21, 2010

I've created a kit!!

Okay everyone, here is the debut of my first kit! :)

Everything is Purple
by Dina's Designz

Here's a sample layout using the kit!

Now. it is going to be available shortly (as soon as all the files upload) at on the CT Challenge board. You will be able to download it there for creating a layout with it.  It is for personal use only.  I really hope you'll come make a layout for me so I can see that what I am making is useful. Leave me a comment and let me know what think. There's a little bit of everything in there. Enjoy! :)



Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thanks for following me!

Hello All,

No time to post any new layouts today. But I wanted to say thank you to two, long-time, friends, Carmela and Michelle, for following my blog.  I have added them to my Favorite Places over to the left. Michelle also does digital scrapbooking actually before me. She is really good at it. Check out her blog. She is now designing and has some freebies up there for you!

Thanks for stopping by and Please show some love by leaving a comment!



We've got a new Look! :)

Hello Everyone,

Well, I've got a free background from .  Nice free backgrounds for your blog if you didn't already know. I am going to customize and personalize mine when I learn more.

Don't forget to look for the 3 freebies throughout the last several posts! They are my first creations so I am not saying they are spectacular...just free! :) LOL

I went back and added labels to my posts and will keep trying to do that so as it grows, you can find the posts that have freebies or good information on them more easily.  I think however, that I messed up the order of some posts....but oh well! ;) HAHA

Have a great week!



Monday, January 18, 2010

Some freebies

Hello All,

Well, I made some WordArt. They are sister quotes.  I made them to use with a kit by my scrapping friend, Rhonda's Sister's Kit. You can get part of it and the whole thing if you complete a challenge over at CraftyScraps (see link to the left). It's under CT Challenges. I might be  hosting one of my own if I get enough goodies together. I am trying to make coordinating things so I can put together a little kit or something to do a challenge or somesthing with....we'll see how it goes!!!

Okay, so let me know what you think, seriously. I got a little carried away with the brushes. By the way, those brushes come from Brusheezy a freebie website. If you have PS or PSE you can use them. Btbrushes one is called painted flowers and the other is whimsical. The whimsical one is above and it does different gradients of color. So, cool. That'as how I got a little carried away.
You can get these WordArts by leaving me a comment below. If I don't have your email, leave it for me so I can send you the file or the link. Hey, this blog is turning out to be pretty fun.



Sunday, January 17, 2010

My first creations in PSE!

Hello All,

I am so very excited!  I have created my first papers and embellishments in PSE. I made a layout with some of them.

I am posting them here.


This is my older sister Marla. This was a Christmas picture and I extracted her from the Christmas trees in the background. I actually did that in SBM.  SBM is still less complicated to do my layouts in than PSE.  We'll see what happens over time.

Thanks for looking at my first creations. I may post of few of them later as freebies...if you think you want them?

Leave some comments! Love getting them!



Recent Layouts

Here's some recent layouts I have done.


My friend, Chester. He went to doggie heaven this summer. He was 13 years old!
This Kit is Paw Prints by CraftyScraps.

So Many Faces

My adorable great nephew (one of 3, they are all adorable!), Marshawn.
This kit is Sweet Flower by Crafty Scraps.

Love is a new brother

Treyvon with his new baby brother.
This kit is Stand by Me by CraftyScraps.

Patches Kit from Crafty Scraps

This is my great niece, Taliyah.
The kit is Patches by CraftyScraps.

Here's a link to Michelle's store.  She has many more great things there than just these kits! ;)

Thanks for viewing! ;)



Thanks so much for your support!


Thanks for posting comments on my blog! How sweet and thanks for the comments on my new creations for Michelle's kit! :)

I have published your comments but they are not there yet! :(

This may not seem so exciting to you but I finally got PSE to load onto my machine. I did a bunch of stuff to my computer, got a system mechanics software and upgraded to Windows7 not sure what did it just glad it did! :)

I made my first frame. It really is not anything special and nobody will probably even have use for it. But just because I can. I am going to attach it! :)

This is the first time I have used the 4shared to upload anything usually I am reaping the benefits of getting all those goodies! ;)

I welcome your comments but don't be too critical, I have a bruisable ego! HAHA! It's just a white border frame with a transparent haze around the inside edge of the frame...for a lack of a better way to describe it.  But this is just the beginning, I know! :) You got to start somewhere! :)

Any good tutorials you know about...send them my way! ;)



Thursday, January 14, 2010

My First "published" creation! :)

Hello Everyone!

Michelle has posted a freebie on her site for QuickPages (QP) created by the CTs at her forum.
I have 2 pages in the freebie kit. I think they turned out really cute. I posted a layout on January 11, 2010 for one of them and the other one is at the very bottom of my blog if you scroll all the way down.  Go get the freebie kit and leave some love for the freebie at Michelle's blog.

Here's a peview of the Quick Pages

Okay, yes, I am excited! :) I am very thankful to Michelle for this opportunity.

Have a great day, every day has something scrap worthy! ;)



CHOO CHOO -- You will wanna ride on this Train

Hello All!

I wanted to provide you with a link to join a YAHOO group for blog train rides. It will keep you informed about the upcoming blog trains and when they "leave the station" so you can go and pick up all those wonderful goodies.

If you are creating stuff, you can also join the one to be on the creating side of the blog train as long as you have your own blog. If you don't have one, well it's as easy as setting one up here at  :)

You can find both of those links on this page where they also tell about upcoming blog trains.

If you don't know what a blog train is let me tell you. It's when designers collaborate around a theme. The next one coming up for Valentine's Day is SWAK.  You know it'll be all that mushy love stuff. :)  They just had one that was called Wrapped in Chocolate now that is divine and there was some great stuff on there. It's all free. Then some designers have bigger kits for sell with the same theme but you get a free preview. How sweet is that (pardon the pun!)? :)

Going to different designer's blogs through these trains will also lead you to other trains.

Well, come on and get on board! There's some blog trains coming through!

Enjoy this tidbit! :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

I am on a Creative Team for Craftyscraps

Hello All,

A new friend, Michelle McCoy just gave me a great opportunity. I am going to be a CT for her.  That means I will be creating layouts (LO) and quick pages (QP) from her kits she makes.  You can find her at and her store is at  Check those places out. Great people at both locations!

Let me know you've been here. Here's a layout I created with a new kit of Michelle's called Brownie.
The name is delicious and so is the kit! :) You'll want to get it. They are very affordable.

I spelled Destinee's name wrong. I will get it fixed and reposted. But I wanted to preview this kit for you.

Thanks and check those websites out.  All comments are welcome!



New Year's Resolutions

Hello All,

I am going to move a few posts over from the other blog.

It's a few days late for resolutions but I knew what they were and I guess actually they aren't really just 2010 but for my life. Maybe a couple of them can be completed but must of them are life quests. But nonetheless here they are. I completed this for the Thematic Freebie Challenge on CSD (coolscrapsdigital) website. The kit is by KaKleidesigns. She is on the top of my lists of designers. I really love her work. Layout is all mine! ; )

So what resolutions have you made?



A blog about digital scrapbooking

Come with me as I explore this world of digital scrapbooking. I have been "doing" it since July half heartedly but I want to get into the other side of it which is creating. If you know me, you already know I love to take pictures and I like crafty stuff and my computer, this combines all 3 of those. What a better thing. It's less expensive than paper scrapbooking and it is definitely less messy. I started a blog at another site but you can't change your own template. Since I want to learn to create this stuff I wanted to be able to display it when I was able to do that. So, before I get a bunch of stuff on the other site, I decided to go ahead and start over here.

So, welcome! Please do leave comments. When I get things going I will have some freebies for you on here. I can't wait to see where this goes and what happens with this new adventure. Thanks for coming along with me.