Monday, February 1, 2010

You have got to CATCH THAT CABOOSE -- Mega Kit Freebie for layout challenge

Hello All,

Here is the preview for the Mega Kit you can get at for completing one layout by the challenge rules. They aren't that hard, I made it up. :)

There are over 50 papers.


And at least 150 elements! WOW!!!


Can you beat that? :)

I will be giving away a few quick pages over the next few weeks from the Mega Kit.  Keep coming back. You will have to leave a comment with your email to get them. Start practicing now on thos ecomments. Show me some love! :)




Created for God's Design said...

Who loves ya baby? Nice texture on your blog. Makes me want to start scrapbooking!

Dillie said...

Beautiful Blog, Dina. I will be posting a page to the CT Caboose later today. I have also put your link to my blog. Great Job! Will be back to see what else you have. :)

pkdoll said...

gorgeous kit Dina! It sure turned out great!! Can't wait to see the freebies you will be offering!

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